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Media work
is mostly


In­no­vation in com­mu­ni­cation

<strong>Media work</strong><br />
is mostly<br />
The art of transmitting, of elaborating, of presenting: Mediaart Production Coop is synonymous with an innovative company in the field of communication.

Specializing in media productions, the MEDIAART Production Coop is synonymous with innovation in the field of communications. Our work includes the development, production and presentation of cultural documentaries, travelogues and video reportages on social issues, as well as tourism, the environment and local economy. 

Operating from Bolzano in South Tyrol, MEDIAART Production Coop bridges the linguistic divide, streamlining channels of communication between our regional and international clients. Every one of our projects are tailor-made to the needs of our clients. As a cultural crossroad, the issue of minorities in South Tyrol is both longstanding and sensitive, requiring a skilled and balanced approach.

Active since 1999, MEDIAART Production Coop moderates live events and coordinates multimedia presentations in the cultural sphere.